Connecting people to great savings accounts.

Reduce your cost to serve and cost of acquisition through untapped and uncontested markets.

A flexible solution to suit everyone's needs...

Connect to Savers everywhere
Control your deposits, end to end
Faster and cheaper deposits

Only pay for  the things you need

Our modular system is designed to be banking engine agnostic which means we can either run your ledger anywhere.

At the same time, deposit takers can pick and choose services which can be integrated separately.

Pick and mix your services

We help you do more with less
Customer experience
Cost of
Cost to

Build your own marketplace

Cross-sell with ease. Integrate all your products and access new customer segments via embedded savings​

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We're an experienced team hailing from Monzo, Octopus, Aldermore and Capital One with a passion for customer centric tech and transparency and ethics at our core, we use open finance to reach savers however and wherever they manage their money​.

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