We're a team of passionate savings experts

Joss & Alex

Co-founders of Sync

Hi! We're Joss & Alex 👋

We started Sync to help people to save by integrating great savings accounts into the apps they use everyday.

After working together for years at Octopus and Monzo, building a deep understanding of people's spending habits and the needs of banks, we realised savings are broken.

Savers want better rates and Banks want new Savers, yet there are banks with great rates that struggle to acquire and keep Savers, and 27% of savings in the UK earn <1% interest! People want great rates, but they also need effortless entry points to saving with automated deposits to take the friction and guesswork out of saving and ultimately help build financial resilience. In solving this, we also help banks acquire and keep customers, for less.

Meet the team

Eclectic mix of savings experts, passionate about financial resilience

Joss Tasker

CEO & Co-founder

Alex Fox

COO & Co-founder

Sam Rogers

Founding Tech Lead

Sam Ollason

Founder's Associate

Wendy Ginsberg


Sam H-J


Paul Whitlock



Head of Wellness