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Offer your customers awesome savings accounts

Drive customer engagement, lock in future revenue and help customers improve their financial resilience, powered by Sync.

We integrate savings accounts into non-banking apps. Users can digitally open and manage their cash savings products within a third-party domain without the need to redirect to the underlying bank or building society.

Embedded Savings

Increase engagement
Customers view their savings on average 5x per week
Add a revenue stream
Earn a % on all savings under management
Get started for free
There are no setup fees for distribution partners, and getting started is easy

This means...

A broad range of compelling benefits for you and your customers

Drive Engagement
Secure Deposits
Build Brand Partnerships
Add Revenue Streams
Retain Users

Rapidly and seamlessly unlock a broad range of great benefits for you and your customers

Getting started is simple

Easy Integration
Customisable UX
Full Control
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Meet the Team

We're an experienced team hailing from Monzo, Octopus, Aldermore and Capital One with a passion for customer centric tech and transparency and ethics at our core, we use open finance to reach savers however and wherever they manage their money​.